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PGW is licensed as a full service Financial Planning business, which has the capacity to offer direct trading in securities as well as the usual planning and life insurance products. PGW advisors will be able to offer full financial services to their clients.

The Board has continuing involvement with a compliance service provider and, therefore, has determined to appoint exceptional advisors, who share the vision of a compliant PGW. We will honour the commitment of compliant advisors and will support their development into industry leaders in the provision of financial services. We have no interest in increasing the number of advisors, unless recruits meet and maintain our standards. This will ensure that a client receives tailored financial advice designed to build the client’s wealth and protect their future.

We will endeavour to increase the reputation and wealth of our advisors through income from referred business and reduction in costly compliance issues.

The reputation of PGW is only as good as the attitudes, services and conduct of our representatives. We will strive to ensure that clients, industry bodies and regulators have no complaints or other issues with our representatives or the services they provide.

Any advice provided in this publication should be considered General Advice as it does not take into account your personal needs and objectives or your financial circumstances.

You should therefore consider these matters yourself before deciding whether the advice is appropriate for you and whether you should act upon it.